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Research - Ricerche

The study explored the measurement properties of an Italian translation of the Teacher Responsibility Scale (TRS) in a sample of primary and secondary school teachers (N = 506). The instrument, based on a multidimensional model of teacher’s responsibility, includes four subscales assessing responsibility for student motivation, student achievement, relationships with students, and teaching. Results from a series of Confirmatory Factor Analyses (CFA) support the hypothesized four-factor structure of the back-translated version of the TRS, with adequate reliability for all subscales, and the metric invariance of the TRS for primary and middle school teachers compared to high school teachers. The Italian TRS appears to be a reliable and valid instrument to assess teachers’ personal responsibility for educational outcomes, both in basic and applied research in teacher evaluation, as well as in the internal school evaluation processes.

BPA281R1 - Teachers’ sense of responsibility for educational outcomes. A study on the measurement properties of the teacher responsibility scale in Italian primary and secondary school teachers € 5.90 + iva Carrello Accedi

International literature provides evidence that Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) may be associated with multiple dimensions of psychopathology. In contrast, only a small number of studies have focused on emotional and behavioral problems in Italian children and adolescents with SLD. The Child Behavioral Checklist (CBCL) is a measure of psychopathological symptoms widely-used in the clinical contexts in Italy. We therefore conducted a preliminary study examining mothers’ and fathers’ reports on all of the eight CBCL syndrome subscales. First aim was to examine the mothers’ ratings on CBCL in a group of 22 Italian children and adolescents with SLD (mean age = 12.31, SD = 2.88) and 29 peers without SLD (mean age = 10.96, SD = 2.74). Second, concordances and differences between mothers and fathers of these children on CBCL were investigated. The children and adolescents with SLD obtained significantly higher Internalizing and Externalizing Total Scores, compared to peers without SLD. We discussed the relevance of early identifying Italian children with SLD to early contrast the risk of emotional and behavioral problems in these children. These findings underscore the need for further examination of the mother-father agreement on measures of psychopathological problems.

BPA281R2 - Psychopathological symptoms in Italian children and adolescents with Specific Learning Disorder: What do mothers and fathers report about? € 5.90 + iva Carrello Accedi

Experiences & Tools - Strumenti

Flow at work is a state of consciousness characterized by absorption, enjoyment and intrinsic motivation. Optimal experiences are crucial in sport since athletes link performances and achievement to psychological states. This study aims to adapt to sport the Italian version of the WOrk-reLated Flow inventory (I-WOLF). Factorial validity of the adapted scale was assessed by exploratory factor analysis (N = 132) and confirmatory factor analysis (N = 161). Participants are professional athletes. The exploratory factor analysis showed a three-factor structure with one item of intrinsic motivation loading on the enjoyment factor. The confirmatory factor analysis finally deleted this item, resulting a 12-item structure which preserves the original 3-factor structure: Absorption, Sport Enjoyment and Intrinsic Motivation. The adaptation of the I-WOLF scale to sport resulted a reliably instrument to measure flow at work among athletes, giving an important empirical contribute to both work and organizational psychology and sport psychology.

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The current study was aimed to validate two scales, potentially jointly used, focused on the four dimensions of Psychological Capital (i.e., hope, resilience, self-efficacy and optimism) and the four facets of Career Decision-Making Process (i.e., career choice anxiety, perceived instrumentality of education, career decision-making self-efficacy and career planning attitude) among middle school students. In Study 1 the PsyCap and CDMP scales were developed and evaluated through a principal component analysis (N = 602). In Study 2 a confirmatory factor analysis (N = 989) was performed in order to validate the four-dimensional structure of the scales. The obtained results provided evidence for two theoretically grounded 16-item scales composed of four factors each: the PsyCap and the CDMP scales. The PsyCap and the CDMP scales are valid self-report measures assessing the key dimensions of psychological capital and the resources able to ease the career decision-making process

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The present study aims to validate an Italian version of the Narcissistic Admiration and Rivalry Questionnaire (NARQ), which operationalizes the two-dimensional model of grandiose narcissism recently proposed by Back et al. (2013). The model differentiates between Admiration and Rivalry, two dimensions that entail the agentic and antagonistic aspects of narcissism, respectively. Three hundred individuals participated in the study (mean age = 31.20, SD = 11.6, 30% males). A confirmatory factor analysis supported the expected two-factor structure. Adequate levels of internal consistency were found for the overall NARQ scores, as well as for the Admiration and Rivalry scale scores. Although Admiration and Rivalry were positively correlated, they showed a distinctive pattern of correlations with the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, the Rosenberg self-esteem scale, and the Big Five Inventory. These results replicate Back et al.’s (2013) original findings and thus provide support for the validity and reliability of the Italian version of the NARQ.

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